‘Alien: Isolation’ for iOS Is Now a Free To Start Release Letting Everyone Try Two Missions for Free, Single in App Purchase Unlock Available for Full Game

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Feral Interactive’s superb iOS version of Alien: Isolation (Free) has just gotten updated to change the game’s business model. Alien: Isolation on iOS is now a free to start game letting everyone sample it through the first two missions. After that, a single in app purchase will be required to unlock the full game for $14.99. Those who own the game already will see no change as it was a premium game priced at $14.99 before. For new customers, the saves from the first two free missions will carry over to the full game once the full game unlock purchase is complete. Watch the gameplay showcase for Alien: Isolation on mobile below:

Watch the new free to start update video below:

Feral Interactive confirmed to me that Alien: Isolation on Android will not see this update, and it will remain a premium priced game on Google Play. This update was just for iOS, but if anything changes in the future, I will post about it. If you’ve not gotten it yet on iOS, read my glowing review of the game here covering the game at launch. We featured it as our Game of the Week as well when it launched. The full version of Alien: Isolation on mobile includes all seven DLC packs in its unlock price of $14.99. You can grab Alien: Isolation for free on the App Store here. Check out our forum thread here. Have you played Alien: Isolation on mobile yet or will you be trying it today for free?

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