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City-Building Idle Game ‘Paragon Pioneers 2’ Launching March 11th, Available for Pre-Order Now

Back in June of 2022 solo developer Tobias Arlt launched his passion project mobile game Paragon Pioneers, a city-building game that was set up like an idle game. You could hop in for a few minutes, set up a bunch of tasks, and then progress would continue on those tasks even when the game wasn’t open, meaning you could check in later in the day and collect all your rewards or see all your new buildings and what have you. Sounds like your pretty typical free to play city builder, right? Well that’s where Paragon Pioneers set itself apart, as it was a premium game with no IAP. Which meant that none of the timers or anything were designed to frustrate you into opening your wallet, rather they were just built to give you a game you can pop into throughout the day and always come back to some satisfying new progress. It seemed to be a winning formula as Paragon Pioneers developed a devoted audience of fans, and now Tobias Arlt is readying the release of the sequel unsurprisingly titled Paragon Pioneers 2. Here’s a trailer.

If you’re familiar with the first game you might be thinking you’re experiencing deja vu, and indeed on the surface there don’t appear to be huge visual changes between Paragon Pioneers and its sequel. Heck even the trailer music is the same. This looks to be a case of not fixing what isn’t broken, and also adding heaps of new stuff on top. Paragon Pioneers 2 will feature more than twice as many buildings and goods types, brand new Research Perks, 3 distinct biome types, new tiles, new enemies, and tons more. There’s also now little people roaming around your cities, going about their day and performing tasks, adding a more immersive element to the experience. Best of all is that there are once again no ads, online requirements, or IAP. Paragon Pioneers 2 is set to launch on March 11th at a price of $5.99, and you can pre-order it on the iOS App Store now or if you’re an Android person you can pre-register for it on the Google Play Store here. Oh, and you can check out the Steam page for the PC version too. Finally, an old-school lite version will be available on both platforms so you can try it out before you buy, and that is also set to launch on March 11th alongside the full game.