‘Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis’ Crossover Event With ‘Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’ Announced for Next Week on iOS, Android, and Steam

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Yesterday, Square Enix and Sony held a State of Play showcase focused on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the upcoming PS5 exclusive, and second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy. Following this showcase, a PS5 demo released, and Square Enix revealed that its compendium game Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis (Free) for iOS, Android, and Steam will be holding a crossover event with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth next week. The release date is February 15th, and more details will be revealed closer to the launch. A short teaser showed Cloud and Sephiroth with the release date at the end. Watch the announcement video for the crossover event in the Tweet from the official account below:

If you’d like to play Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis on mobile, you can download it on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. If you’d like to play it on Steam, grab it here for free on PC. Check out the official website for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis for more information about events and updates. I’m curious to see how this event plays out when it launches next week. Will you be trying this new Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis event next week and are you planning to play Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on PS5 on February 29th?


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