Steam Deck Weekly: New Tekken 8 Trailers, Exoprimal Season 3 Out Now, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle Revealed, Verified Games, and More

Welcome to another Steam Deck Weekly that’s a bit shorter than usual. This week’s edition doesn’t have any reviews or gameplay impressions because there are a few reviews coming next week including Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and more. Barring reviews, there are a few notable new Verified and Playable games, new trailers, and also a plethora of game news for games coming out on Steam and ones that I’ll be playing on Steam Deck this year. Let’s get into the news first.


Ahead of next week’s launch, Bandai Namco Entertainment has released a few new trailers for Tekken 8 including the opening movie and the launch trailer. I didn’t enjoy Tekken 7 at all, but the demo for Tekken 8 felt like a massive improvement. I’m looking forward to the full release to play with friends online. Watch the launch trailer and the opening movie for Tekken 8 below:

Our pick for the best multiplayer game on Steam Deck in 2023, Exoprimal from Capcom, got its new season featuring a Monster Hunter collaboration. This collaboration includes new cosmetics including a Rajang skin that I’ve been using while playing it since yesterday. I hope the next update with cross platform party support is added soon because that’s my major complaint with the game right now. Barring that, it has been great revisiting the game after a few months with quick matchmaking. If you haven’t played it in a while, the new updates have made it worth jumping into again. Check out the full patch notes here and the Season 3 trailer below:

Capcom also revealed a trailer for Ed in Street Fighter 6. Ed, the third character in the Year 1 Character Pass joins Street Fighter 6, our Steam Deck Game of the Year 2023, next month. I’m not sold on him fully, but will be trying him when he arrives in-game. I hope Year 2 for Street Fighter 6 has characters from Third Strike and also Poison added. Watch the Ed trailer below:

Bethesda and MachineGames revealed Indiana Jones and the Great Circle for PC and Xbox Series X. It is a first person action adventure game set in between Raiders of the Lost Ark and The Last Crusade. I expected it to be a third person game, but given MachineGames is the developer, first person makes sense. MachineGames being involved means the gameplay will be excellent, and I’m definitely going to play it on Steam Deck and Xbox Series X. I replayed Wolfenstein The New Order recently on Steam Deck, and it felt great on the handheld. Indiana Jones and the Great Circle is out this year, and I’ll be trying it on Steam Deck and Xbox Series X for sure. Check out the official Indiana Jones and the Great Circle game website here and watch the trailer for it below:

The superlative Threes! is coming to Steam on February 6th to celebrate its 10th birthday. It can’t be that old can it? Don’t answer that. Threes! is one of the most legendary mobile games, and I’m glad to see it come to another platform soon. New music has also been teased for Threes!, and that’s even more exciting. You can wishlist it here.

Koei Tecmo and Omega Force have released a free demo on Steam for our 2023 Steam Deck action RPG of the year Fate/Samurai Remnant. I can’t wait for the DLC that’s due soon as well, but if you haven’t gotten the amazing blend of Fate and Omega Force hack and slash action, you should try the demo on Steam Deck or any console you like playing on. The demo is out now on all platforms.

Persona 3 Reload, the remake of Persona 3 with quality of life improvements and visual upgrades from Atlus and Sega, has finally revealed the contents of the many DLC packs available at launch, or included in the higher-priced editions. The DLC is all listed on the Steam page, but I’m glad to see the playlist option for use in Tartarus (this is the main dungeon if you’ve not played P3 before). I got bored of the music in Tartarus when I originally played P3 so this is a nice change. There are also Personas from P4G, P5R, and more in the paid DLC. Check out a screenshot of the playlist mode below:

SEGA’s Amplitude Studios is celebrating its 13th anniversary with a free giveaway for Endless Legend for Steam via Game2Gether on the developer’s official website. A new update for Endless Dungeon titled the Wild Cards update is also out now to celebrate with Humankind getting into the celebrations with the Georges Sand update.

Riot Forge and Lazy Bear revealed that Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story will launch on February 21st for Steam, Nintendo Switch, and GOG worldwide. The crafting RPG will be the newest Riot Forge release, and I’ll be covering it on both Steam Deck and Switch next month. Watch the new trailer for it below:

Raw Fury just released a new trailer for the upcoming musical adventure game Snufkin: melody of Moominvalley featuring Little My and Teety Woo as a part of the first characters being showcased. I’m always up for music focused games, and this one looks really great. I hope it is still coming to iOS, but I will play it on Steam Deck if it doesn’t. Watch the trailer below:

The final bit of news for the week is WSS Playground releasing Petit Game Collection Volume 1 for Steam. This is a spin-off minigame collection of its super successful PC and Switch game Needy Streamer Overload. It features a retro style world with three minigames included. I loved Needy Streamer Overload so I will be getting this over the weekend. Check it out on Steam here.

New Steam Deck Verified & Playable games for the week

Not too many new Verified and Playable games this week, but a few notable ones like Palworld which is exploding in popularity, the upcoming Tomb Raider remasters, and more of the MGS collection.

  • Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising – Unsupported (likely due to the story cut-scenes since the rest works perfectly)
  • Japan Train Models – JR West Edition – Playable
  • ONE. – Playable
  • Palworld – Playable
  • Reigns: Three Kingdoms – Playable
  • The Rumble Fish + – Verified
  • Tomb Raider I-III Remastered – Verified

That’s all for this week’s slightly shorter edition. There are a few reviews coming next week, so stay tuned for them including Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. As usual, you can read all our past and future Steam Deck coverage here. If you have any feedback for this feature or what else you’d like to see us do around the Steam Deck, let us know in the comments below. I hope you all have a great day, and thanks for reading.