‘Marvel Snap’ Will Continue To Operate and Flourish in the Future Regardless of Any Changes at Nuverse: Official Account Confirms

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Earlier today, Reuters reported that ByteDance would be restructuring Nuverse in a retreat from the gaming business. Nuverse publishes Marvel Snap (Free), so many were curious what that restructure meant for the future of Marvel Snap. A few hours after the report, the official Marvel Snap Twitter account posted that the game would continue to operate and flourish in the future regardless of any changes at Nuverse. I actually asked Shaun what he thought of the Reuters report a bit before the official Marvel Snap posted its comment. View the full post on Twitter below:

I don’t play much of the game, but Shaun plays it regularly. Marvel Snap was our iPhone Game of the Year for 2022 as well. If you’d like to play it, you can grab Marvel Snap for free on the App Store for iOS here, Google Play for Android here, and Steam here. Head over to our Marvel Snap forum thread here. Do you play Marvel Snap regularly and what would you like to see in the future from updates?


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