Roguelike Hack and Slash Game ‘Ultra Blade’ Will Get a Big Halloween Update This Thursday Bringing In New Game Modes, Levels, Enemies, and More

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Ultra Blade ($3.49) from Immortal Rogue and Blast Waves developer Kyle Barret on iOS and Android is set to get another big update this week. If you missed its debut, we featured it as our Game of the Week when it released and I included it in our best mobile games of 2023 (so far) feature. Read that here. Ultra Blade has you taking on endless hordes of enemies with thousands of hero and blade combinations with unique abilities and looks. This Thursday, the Halloween update goes live bringing in new game modes, enemies, challenge levels, and a lot more. The highlights are the Spire Mode that makes it into a Vampire Survivors-like experience and the the roguelike Journey Mode. Watch the new update in action below:

The update will also see four new challenge levels, a new Dungeon biome, seven new dungeon-type enemies, one new boss, one new challenge core that populates every world with tougher enemies, and a rework for the Teleport skill, and more. Ultra Blade is available now on the App Store for iOS here for $2.99. Check it out on Google Play for Android here. If you’ve not played Immortal Rogue from Kyle yet, read our original review here. The official website for Ultra Blade has some GIFs showcasing the animation and gameplay in motion as well. Check out our forum thread for Ultra Blade here. What do you think of Ultra Blade so far if you’ve played it?

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