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‘Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road’ Gets a New Gameplay Trailer, Still Set for 2023 Release Worldwide on iOS, Android, Switch, and More

Following its announcement back in 2016, we kept hearing more about Level-5’s new soccer RPG story, but it felt like a release was never happening with delays. Shaun wrote about it from TGS back in 2016 as well. The football themed cross media franchise Inazuma Eleven is mostly known for its Nintendo handheld games, and Inazuma Eleven Ares for console and mobile platforms in Japan is a game I hoped would see the series hit its peak again. The game was then delayed and renamed Inazuma Eleven: Great Road of Heroes and since renamed again to Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road. Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road was confirmed for 2023 release on PS4, Switch, iOS, and Android worldwide. Over the weekend, Level-5 released a new trailer for Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road confirming that it is still set for 2023, and also adding a PS5 version. Watch the Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road third gameplay trailer below:

I’m hoping Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road gets a release date this week at TGS 2023. I also hope it is playable and that Shaun can check it out this year at said event. We still don’t know the monetization details or whether it will have cross platform support for online and progression. If you’d like to read more about it or learn about the characters, check out the official English website for Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road here. I still remain skeptical for all the Level-5 games targeting 2023, but can hope they release right? Have you played an Inazuma Eleven game before and what do you think of Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road so far?