Backbone USB-C Controllers Will Be Updated To Work With iPhone 15 Devices, New USB-C Controllers Will Work on Both iPhone and Android

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Backbone just announced that its USB-C controller will be compatible with the iPhone 15 series of devices. This will be available for existing controllers through an update provided by the Backbone App (Free) which needs to be installed for said update. All new Backbone USB-C controllers like the Backbone One for Android and the PlayStation Edition for Android will support both iPhone and Android going forward. Backbone mentions this is thanks to its universal technology. I expected both Razer and Backbone to do new controllers because Apple would likely have some requirement for the USB-C standard or port that might make it not work on Android, but I guess I was wrong (thankfully).

While I’ve not used the Backbone One for Android yet, you can read my comparison covering all the controllers for iPhone and iPad here. I also reviewed the Backbone One PlayStation Edition for iPhone here. I’m looking forward to seeing what hardware and app improvements Backbone does next. If you already have a Backbone controller, will you be getting this USB-C version assuming you’re buying an iPhone 15 series device?

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