No Plans To Add Controller Support to ‘Company of Heroes’ on Mobile: Feral Interactive

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Company of Heroes ($13.99) from Feral Interactive hit iOS and Android, and it is now being released on Nintendo Switch as Company of Heroes Collection. This release will also be the first time the original Company of Heroes hits console with the two expansions included together. Since this is coming to Switch, it has controller support, and it made me curious about whether that could be ported over to iOS. I reached out to Feral Interactive, and the developer and publisher confirmed that there are no plans to bring controller support to the iOS version of the game because it would require a serious redesign of the UI. The iOS version (and Android) were designed for only touch and mouse & keyboard controls while the Switch version was designed from the ground up for controller gameplay. Watch the Company of Heroes Collection Switch trailer below:

I previously reviewed Company of Heroes on iPad and Company of Heroes 3 on Steam Deck. I’m curious how Company of Heroes on Switch will control compared to the excellent conversion of Company of Heroes 3 I’ve been playing recently on Xbox. A price point is yet to be revealed for the Switch version of the collection. If you’ve not bought the base game yet on mobile, Company of Heroes is available on the App Store for $13.99 right now. Check it out on Google Play here. Check out our forum thread for it here and the official website for the mobile conversion here. Have you played Company of Heroes on mobile yet and will you be checking it out on Switch?

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