Cozy Puzzler ‘Unpacking’ Is Rolling Out Now on iOS and Android

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Back in May last year, I wrote about the games I’d like to see get mobile ports. Witch Beam’s narrative puzzler Unpacking ($9.99) was one of them. The cozy narrative puzzle game that has you decorating, progressing the narrative, and more is out now on iOS and Android as a premium release. The Android version went live a few hours after the iOS version. As with prior Humble Games mobile releases, Unpacking is a lot cheaper to buy on mobile compared to consoles and PC. I’ll have a lot to say about the port in my review. If you’ve not played it yet on any platform, watch the Unpacking original trailer below showcasing the gameplay and excellent music:

I’ve played Unpacking on Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox so far, but only really enjoyed it on Switch and Steam Deck. It is the perfect portable game. You can read my glowing review of the Switch version here. Check out our new forum thread for it here. Check out Unpacking on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. It is priced at $9.99 compared to the $19.99 on other platforms. Have you played Unpacking on any other platform before or will you be buying it on mobile today?

Update: Added Android link.

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