Turtle Beach’s Atom Mobile Game Controller for iOS Launches Next Month, Pre-Orders Now Live

Here comes a new challenger..well sorry about that. I’ve been playing too much Street Fighter 6, but Turtle Beach just announced a new Made for iPhone controller yesterday. The Atom Mobile Game Controller for iOS brings an interesting take on the grip controllers we’ve seen for iPhone with its clamp design that uses low latency Bluetooth rather than directly connecting to the phone’s port. Turtle Beach’s controller is compatible with iPhone 11, 12, 13, and 14 models, but this low latency Bluetooth setup potentially should mean it works on the next iPhone as well? Hopefully we learn about that from Turtle Beach when the phone launches. The Atom Mobile Game Controller itself connects through a 2.4GHz wireless link between its two parts. It is an interesting way of handling this, and I look forward to trying out the controller to update my iPhone controller buying guide in the future. Watch the Atom Mobile Game Controller for iOS trailer below:

The Atom Mobile Game Controller releases next month on September 11th. It can be ordered on the official Turtle Beach site and other retailers. It is priced at $79.99. The iOS version comes in a Cobalt Blue variant compared to the Android version that is in Black and Yellow with an Xbox guide button. If you’ve not gotten a controller yet for iPhone and don’t plan on buying a new iPhone this year, read my controller buying guide and comparison here. I’ve not used a Turtle Beach controller yet, so I’m very interested to see how the face buttons, triggers, and sticks feel on this one. It promises 20 hours of battery life with a two hour charge time. A companion app will also be available like with other controllers. Hopefully this one doesn’t have a subscription required. What do you think of the Atom Mobile Game Controller for iOS from Turtle Beach so far?