‘Cut the Rope Daily’ Is Out Now Bringing a New Logic Puzzle Daily to iOS and Android Through Netflix Games

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Following its announcement, Netflix has released Cut the Rope Daily (Free) on iOS and Android worldwide. Cut the Rope Daily is the newest game in the super popular Cut the Rope series, but this one brings a new twist to the formula. Everyday, Cut the Rope Daily will feature one single and unique puzzle. These puzzles include 10 stars to collect as well in addition to a calendar to track your progress. It features cosmetics that can be unlocked and a new location each month. Watch the Cut the Rope Daily Netflix Games trailer below:

If you’d like to try it and have an active Netflix subscription, you can grab Cut the Rope Daily on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. Check out our new forum thread for the game here. Netflix also released Om Nom Stories, an animated series of short episodes for young children, today to add even more Cut the Rope to Netflix. I’m looking forward to playing this later today. Different takes or unique versions of existing games is an interesting way to bring more exclusive content to Netflix. I’m interested to see what other popular mobile gaming brand Netflix will work with like this in the future. Will you be playing Cut the Rope Daily today?

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