‘JellyCar Worlds’ Classic Level Mode Now Available, JellyCar 2 and 3 Levels Coming Soon

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Developer Walaber’s JellyCar games brought in hilarious physics-based simulation to touchscreens a long time ago. Following the launch of those three games, we hadn’t heard from the series until JellyCar Worlds () hit Apple Arcade, Nintendo Switch, and Steam. While I expected it to just be a greatest hits style release, JellyCar Worlds was a lot more with a level editor also added into the game through an update. Today, Walaber announced the JellyCar Worlds classic level mode that brings in the levels of the original 2008 game JellyCar to JellyCar Worlds. This update which is set to roll out beginning now across Apple Arcade, PC, and Switch is the first of three content updates planned. There will be two more bringing in JellyCar 2 and JellyCar 3 levels to JellyCar Worlds. Watch the JellyCar Worlds videos below to see it in action:

If you haven’t gotten it yet, JellyCar Worlds is available on Apple Arcade for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS here. It is also available as a paid release on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Check it out here on Steam and here on Nintendo Switch. A free demo is available on Nintendo Switch here. The Steam and Switch versions of JellyCar Worlds are priced at $7.99. Check out our forum thread for it here and our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for all things around the service including new games, upcoming games, and more. Have you played JellyCar Worlds and did you play the original JellyCar back when it hit the App Store?

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