Premium Potato-Powered Idle Clicker ‘SPACEPLAN’ Gets Revamped in Huge Version 2.0 Update

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We all know that Devolver Digital is pretty… out there, right? Whether it’s their downright demented Devolver Direct livestream events, or their self-deprecating jokes about how they run their own company, or trash talking the entire industry at large, or even just the games they choose to publish, it’s clear that Devolver marches to its own drumbeat and I really dig that. One such example of this is when they put out the idle clicker game SPACEPLAN, developed by Jake Hollands, back in 2017. Most publishers would probably release a 30-second or one-minute trailer showcasing the new game, but Devolver being Devolver saw fit to release a 40-minute reveal trailer that featured some descriptions of how the game worked but also just a bunch of irreverent commentary. It was a strangely hypnotic trailer! And if you want to watch it, then be my guest. For the sake of this article however I’ll simply link the much more manageable one-minute launch trailer for SPACEPLAN below.

So why am I even talking about this game from 2017? Because that was the last time that SPACEPLAN received any sort of update, until this week when a huge version 2.0 update arrived out of nowhere which features a new version of the game essentially built from the ground up for all the latest devices. This includes things like full screen and higher resolution support, haptic feedback, a refreshed UI and updated in-game graphics, a more efficient physics system for better performance, new music, and more. All these changes should also make SPACEPLAN more future proof for any upcoming iOS devices or software versions, making it easier to maintain over the long haul. Which is great because this is a fantastic game, and I consider it essential for any iOS gamer’s library. Yes, it’s a clicker at its core, but it has a really amusing narrative structure and a real bonafide ending, so it’s not just wasting your time. Well, I mean it IS wasting your time, but it’s doing so meaningfully. There’s a difference. It’s also premium and costs just 3 bucks, so if you haven’t explored the strange world of SPACEPLAN before let this shiny new version be your catalyst for doing so, and check out our original review and Game of the Week article for some more information.


    SPACEPLAN is an experimental piece of interaction based partly on a total misunderstanding of Stephen Hawking’s A Brie…
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