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‘Unicycle Legend’ is a Dangerous Platformer Sequel to ‘Unicycle Hero’, Launching April 5th

We’ve enjoyed all the games put out by indie developer Unept over the years, but the pinnacle of greatness in that admittedly small library would have to be Unicycle Hero which launched in early 2018. The basic premise of the game was that you competed in a variety of track and field style events, spanning pretty typical ones like javelin throw to more absurd ones like competitive table flipping, but the catch was that you competed in each event while riding a unicycle. This made basic movement needlessly difficult and made for some very hilarious situations as you tried to wibble wobble your way through a full series of athletic events on one wheel. It was a very entertaining game! Now, some five years later and Unept is gracing us with a sequel titled Unicycle Legend. Rather than more traditional sporting events, Unicycle Legend offers up something more akin to hazard platforming as you can see in the following trailer.

Unicycle Legend will feature 120 challenging levels and numerous costumes to deck out your unicycle hero in. It seems like a neat spin on the original game which was more or less just high score chasing across its different events, and this seems more like a platforming game but with a unicycle. I do see the silly announcers have returned though to offer their thoughts and snark on this latest one-wheeled adventure. Unicycle Legend is scheduled for release on April 5th on iOS, and you can pre-order it on the App Store here, but if you’re on Android this bad boy is available right now on the Google Play Store. Also if you’re a fan of previous Unept releases including the original Unicycle Hero, Level With Me, Lava Bird, and Hue Ball you’ll be happy to know they’ve all been updated for modern devices so if you haven’t checked in on them in a while now would be a great time to do that.