Baseball Management Sim ‘Home Run High’ From Kairosoft Is Free on iOS Right Now To Celebrate Japan Winning World Baseball Classic Final

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To celebrate Japan winning the World Baseball Classic Final, Kairosoft have made their baseball simulation game Home Run High ($4.99) free for today. The announcement Tweet thread confirms that this discount is only for 24 hours (it will go back to a paid game about 14 hours from now) and that Kairosoft could only drop the price to free for iOS and not other platforms. Home Run High is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Android in addition to iOS. If you’ve not played Home Run High, it is one of the better Kairosoft games, and is absolutely worth claiming for free on iOS. Check out a screenshot from it below:

home run high free download mobile

If you haven’t gotten Home Run High yet, you can grab it for free for today on the App Store for iOS here. Head over to our forum thread for Home Run High here for impressions. Home Run High is currently available on iOS, Android, Switch, Steam, and PS4 worldwide. It is worth noting that the mobile version is free on iOS for both the Japanese and English versions of the game. Check out the official website for Home Run High here. Have you played Home Run High before or will you be grabbing it today for free on iOS?

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