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‘Poor Bunny’ From Super Dangerous Dungeons Developer Jussi Simpanen Releases This Month on Mobile

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Jussi Simpanen (Adventure Islands) is back with a new game featuring many bunnies, co-op, versus mode, and more in Poor Bunny (Free). Poor Bunny is Jussi’s first game that also supports co-op and versus modes in addition to solo play. If you’ve not played games from the developer, you’re missing out and should at least try Super Dangerous Dungeons and Total Party Kill. Poor Bunny is about high scores by eating carrots as a bunny. The aim is to survive while traps appear as you try and eat as many carrots as possible. It will be playable solo in addition to supporting same device co-op and versus play. Watch the Poor Bunny trailer below:

Poor Bunny is free to start with a single in app purchase to remove ads. You unlock more bunnies as you play with over 100 available. If you’d like to try out Jussi’s newest release, you can pre-order it on the App Store for iOS here and pre-register for it on Google Play for Android here. Poor Bunny launches on March 23rd worldwide. Will you be trying it out when it arrives next week on iOS and Android and what is your favorite game from Jussi Simpanen if you’ve played any recent release?

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    Poor Bunny! Is a cute high score chaser where you control a little bunny who must eat all the tasty carrots while avoidi…
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