Tactical Arcade Shooter ‘Blast Waves’ Gets Its First Discount Alongside Big Content Update

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Immortal Rogue developer Kyle Barret released a major update for his tactical arcade shooter Blast Waves ($3.99) over the weekend. The update for iOS and Android also arrives alongside the game’s first ever discount. If you’ve not played it yet, time in Blast Waves moves when you move in this shooter. The major new update brings Gorria Ultima, a new planet, endless survival mode, 10 new weapons to unlock including laser bazookas. Kyle Tweeted out a preview video of the update here. If you’ve not played it yet, watch the Blast Waves trailer below:

You can currently buy Blast Waves on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. It is usually priced at $3.99, and is discounted to $2.99 until January 7th to celebrate the content update and new year. If you’ve not played Immortal Rogue yet, read our original review here or check out our forum thread featuring comments from players and the developer here. Head over to our forum thread for Blast Waves here and check out the official website here. Have you played Blast Waves yet?

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