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‘Just Cause Mobile’ Delayed Again, No Longer Releasing in 2022

Last year, the previously announced mobile entry in the popular Just Cause series titled Just Cause Mobile was delayed out of 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, the official Twitter account for the game confirmed that Just Cause Mobile will not be launching this year as initially planned. It was aiming to hit iOS and Android globally in 2022, but with the year nearly done, that clearly wasn’t going to happen. The announcement also mentions that more information will be revealed at a later date. A reason or new time frame was not announced. It remains to be seen if Just Cause Mobile launches early next year or later on> Watch the original trailer for it below:

I’m still looking forward to what Just Cause Mobile brings to iOS and Android when it does release. Last week, Square Enix filed a trademark (via Gematsu) for Just Cause. It is unknown right now whether that is related to the mobile game or a brand new PC and console game. The last release in the series is Just Cause 4 that was a bit disappointing as a follow-up to Just Cause 3. I think we might see one of those ported to Switch before a new entry. As of now, I’m hoping the next announcement relating to the mobile game is some gameplay with a release window. What do you think of the Just Cause franchise and did you play the last game?