‘Railbound’ Update Now Available Adding New Levels, Dog Petting, Colorblind Mode, and More

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One of our favorite puzzlers released this year is Railbound from Afterburn Games, which hit in early September and earned our Game of the Week recognition for being an absolutely ace logic puzzler. The goal is to place rail pieces down in order to connect a number of train cars with an engine, but the train cars are numbered and must be connected in order. That fact, plus a variety of rail-modifying pieces, makes solving each level in Railbound quite a satisfying challenge. Throw in some extra difficult bonus levels and a cute story to string it all together and you have the makings of a very fine game indeed.

As we detailed a couple of weeks ago, Afterburn has been working on a major update for Railbound and today that update has gone live on all platforms, alongside a brand new launch on Nintendo Switch. The main change in this update is that all the bonus levels from World 8 have now been moved to their own world, World #, and to make up for losing those levels 11 totally new levels have been added into World 8. This brings the total number of levels in the game to a whopping 170. Next a much-requested Colorblind Mode has been added to the Accessibility menu, and finally, perhaps the biggest new feature of them all, you can now pet the dogs during story cutscenes. Praise the heavens!

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