‘Rocket League Sideswipe’ Season 6 Launching this Week in Celebration of the Game’s First Anniversary

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Following on from the futuristic Season 5 launch back in September, our 2021 iPhone Game of the Year Rocket League Sideswipe is preparing to kick off its new season this week. However, it’s not just the beginning of Season 6 but also the one-year anniversary of the game’s worldwide launch. Jeepers! Time sure flies. The big hallmark feature in Season 6 will be the Heatseeker mode, which is making its way from the big-pants console and PC version of Rocket League down to its more diminutive Sideswipe sibling for the very first time.

Described by developer Psyonix, in Heatseeker mode “whenever the ball is hit by a team or hits a goal rim, it automatically flies towards the opposing team’s goal" and “each hit by an opposing team’s car increases the speed of the ball and players can collide into opposing players to disrupt their playmaking!" That sounds like a lot of mayhem. Heatseeker will be replacing the Volleyball mode in Ranked play for this season.

The other big new feature in Season 6 will be a special crossover event between big-pants Rocket League and Sideswipe that will allow players a chance to unlock the Octopus Player Banner in both games, as well as special anniversary-themed rewards in Sideswipe specifically. This event will kick off when the new Season drops on November 16th and run through November 23rd, and you’ll need to be logged in with the same Epic Games Account on both games in order to get the crossover unlocks to work.

There’s plenty more in Season 6 too like an entirely new Rocket Pass, new Seasonal Challenges, the Collision Mutator being added to Mutator Madness mode in Casual, and more. Also all Season 5 rewards will be dished out once this new season goes live, which if you haven’t figured out yet is later this week on November 16th. So strap in and get ready for even more Rocket League Sideswipe antics and unlocks when Season 6 goes live in just a couple of days.

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