Apple Arcade October 2022 Releases: NBA 2K23, Stitch, The Gardens Between+, and More

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Apple just revealed five games coming to Apple Arcade this month. We already knew NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition was arriving, but now know that October 2022 will see three App Store Greats and one Arcade Original join the service alongside NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition. Two of the App Store greats arrive from Mobility Ware in the form of Gin Rummy Classic+ and Spider Solitaire: Card Game+. With these two, the publisher will have seven games on Apple Arcade. The other App Store Great is The Voxel Agents’ The Gardens Between+ which has been available on iOS and Android for a while now alongside its PC and console versions. One feature worth highlighting in The Gardens Between on mobile is the ability to play it in landscape or portrait mode. Read our review for the original iOS release here. Watch the trailer for it below:

NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition features the new Greatest mode and more new features detailed by 2K here. The highlight of the month for me is Lykke Studios’ stitch which is a puzzle game about embroidery. I’ve enjoyed prior Apple Arcade games from the developer and will be giving this one a shot when it arrives later in the month. This month will see Gin Rummy Classic+ arrive on October 7th alongside Spider Solitaire Card Game+ while The Gardens Between+ arrives a week later. NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition releases on 18th while the month ends with stitch on the 28th for Apple Arcade. Check out our forum threads for Gin Rummy Classic+ here, Spider Solitaire: Card Game+ here, The Gardens Between+ here, stitch. here, and NBA 2K23 Arcade Edition here. For all Apple Arcade related things, check out our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion on the service and every game included here. What do you think of this month’s upcoming releases on Apple Arcade?

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