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‘Road Rash’ Spiritual Successor ‘Road Redemption’ is Heading to Mobile

One of my favorite game series during the 16-bit era was EA’s Road Rash. Combining motorcycle racing and violent melee combat, those early Road Rash games were a barrel of laughs for me and my ’90s buddies. Sadly, as the series continued on through the end of the millennium the later entries failed to capture the magic of those earlier games, and there hasn’t been a new Road Rash game in more than twenty years as a result. I’m surely not the only one who missed the Road Rash games, but it seemed EA wasn’t interested in reviving it, and so nearly a decade ago Pixel Dash Studios and EQ-Games decided to take matters into their own hands and crowd-funded the money to produce a spiritual successor to the long dormant franchise. That game was called Road Redemption and, after a few years of Early Access, it officially launched on desktop platforms back in the fall of 2017 before making its way to all the major consoles about a year later. Now its bringing its brand of motorcycle combat racing to mobile devices in the near future. Check out the trailer for Road Redemption Mobile.

This is one of those games I’ve had on wishlists on other platforms for years, and have almost bought many times before, but just never pulled the trigger. It’s a highly ambitious game for the relatively small team of developers behind it, and as such it had a lot of growing pains during its Early Access and initial release days. It’s the kind of game that had rough edges but tons of heart, and as a result you’d hear polarized opinions on it from people that either absolutely loved it or didn’t like it at all. I guess that’s what always prevented me from picking it up. However, the team behind Road Redmeption has been updating the game for years following its initial release, smoothing over those rough edges and adding in a ton of new content. With a mobile version on the horizon my excitement towards finally giving this one a shot is majorly reignited. While no release date has been announced just yet, it sounds like it’s pretty close and pre-orders are said to be arriving soon. In the meantime you can drop your name and email down on the game’s website to be alerted when any further news about Road Redemption Mobile comes out.