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‘Totally Accurate Battle Simulator’ Is Officially Coming to Mobile With All Unique Classes Included

We’ve been covering the hilarious physics-based sandbox simulation experience Totally Accurate Battle Simulator for years now, sadly due to how clones popped up trying to make some money with the official game not being available for sale officially on any platform barring early alphas. Fast forward over half a decade later, indie studio Landfall Games’ Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is hitting mobile officially through XD Inc. This announcement took place at the TapTap Presents showcase over the weekend. The official FAQ for the mobile version of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator confirms that it will be a paid release as well. Watch the Totally Accurate Battle Simulator mobile trailer below:

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is in development for mobile at XD Inc and it is also planned to hit consoles through Landfall Games. There will be crossplay between iOS and Android, but not across mobile and PC/console as confirmed in the FAQ linked above. Mobile mod support will likely be worked on as well, which is great to hear given how important mods have been in the PC release. Details regarding performance and minimum requirements for mobile will be revealed in the future. Until we get more information about Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on mobile, you can check it out on Steam here. Check out the official Twitter account for the game here and Discord server here. Have you played Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on PC before and are you looking forward to it on mobile now that it is officially coming?