PSA: All App Store Versions of ‘Totally Accurate Battle Simulator’ Are Fake

A word of warning for anyone who sees a game called Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on the App Store, particularly as there are multiple fakes right now, including one that’s number 3 in the US iPhone App Store. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is not actually on mobile (yet), you can’t even officially buy the game at all on any platform beyond the open alpha (with some press getting access to the closed alpha). A mobile version isn’t even mentioned as being in the works by the developers. Unfortunately, the App Store’s approvals team has allowed multiple Totally Accurate Battle Simulator clones through with the name Totally Accurate Battle Simulator. If you see a game named Totally Accurate Battle Simulator on the App Store or Google Play, it is fake. Do not buy it.


Totally Accurate Battle Simulator is being cloned in particular because it’s become a new hit YouTuber sensation, with several million-plus view YouTube videos already.

The game isn’t for sale yet, and these videos feature content that isn’t in the open alpha, so those two factors have led to a cottage market for clones on mobile to make a quick buck. While clones are always going to happen in our modern era of gaming and distribution, the App Store should probably be sniffing out obvious fakes like this, especially since there are multiple scam clones with similar names in the top paid list! Shop carefully, folks. And maybe someday we’ll get a real Totally Accurate Battle Simulator for mobile.