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Cyberpunk Action Adventure Game ‘ANNO: Mutationem’ Is Coming to iOS and Android

With many great announcements at the TapTap Presents showcase this weekend, a highlight for me is ANNO: Mutationem being announced for mobile. ANNO: Mutationem from developer ThinkingStars has been a joy to play on PS5 since its release this March. It debuted on PS5, PS4, and PC platforms, and I expected a Nintendo Switch port to get announced soon. I didn’t think it would come to mobile before that, but here we are. The cyberpunk action adventure game has great visuals and music with memorable characters and some nice cameos. A price point hasn’t been announced for the mobile version, but a beta will be available this winter. Watch the ANNO: Mutationem mobile announcement trailer via Gematsu below:

On console and PC, ANNO: Mutationem is available as a standard release, and a deluxe edition version with bonus music, costumes, and more. It is unclear if the mobile version will offer this content from the start, or whether it will come as paid DLC. What stood out to me when I first saw ANNO: Mutationem gameplay, is how it blended 2D and 3D pixel aesthetics. I didn’t finish it on PS5, but will definitely do it before the mobile version releases given how good it looked and ran on PS5. If you’d like to pre-register for the mobile version, you can do so on TapTap for now. Check out the Steam page for ANNO: Mutationem here for more screenshots and information about the game and its DLC. Have you played ANNO: Mutationem before on PS5, PS4, or PC?