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‘Tom Clancy’s The Division: Resurgence’ In-Game Gameplay Shown Off in Two New Trailers

After announcing that a mobile entry in the Tom Clancy’s The Division series was in the works in May of last year, Ubisoft formally unveiled the game known as The Division Resurgence with a trailer and new details just last week. Now we’ve got even more new information about the game, as well as the first in-game footage captured directly from a mobile device. Of course, as the trailer below notes, this is still a work in progress and the quality of the in-game action isn’t final, so try to keep that in mind. First up is a gameplay walkthrough video narrated by Ubisoft Community Developer James Berry that goes through what a typical few minutes of playing the game will be like. Following that is a lengthier interview video with Executive Producer Fabrice Navrez that goes into more detail surrounding the setting of the game, where it takes place in The Division timeline, what sort of new content they have in store for this mobile entry, and more.

Keeping in mind that this is alpha footage there is definitely some areas I hope will improve before the game’s final release, most notably the framerate, but even still it’s really impressive to see a game like The Division and its large open world running on a mobile device. I think we often forget just how far we’ve come with the types of games and experiences that are available nowadays on these tiny little slabs of glass. It’s remarkable. As with last week’s announcement you can sign up for updates over on the game’s website and that will also give you an opportunity to be a part of some upcoming closed beta testing. Otherwise stay tuned for what I’m guessing will be plenty more details and videos in the coming weeks as development on The Division Resurgence continues.