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Unique Tower Defense Game ‘Isle of Arrows’ Gets New Gameplay Overview Video and PC Demo for Steam Next Fest

Back in April we talked about a new game called Isle of Arrows from Daniel Lutz, former Creative Director on Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO while at Square Enix Montreal. The idea is that it’s a tower defense game but one that you’ll play sort of “on the fly" as you’ll need to build out your defenses by way of randomly drawn tile cards. These tiles can be the actual tower types, bonus abilities, land expansion, and tons more, and you’ll need to figure out how best to gear things up based on the hands that you’re dealt before taking on waves of enemies. While that all sounds cool on paper, how does Isle of Arrows actually work? I’m glad you asked, because Mr. Lutz has put together this brief but helpful new overview video that goes into some of the details about how this genre mashup plays.

Another reason for creating this latest video other than to explain the game’s unique mechanics is that Isle of Arrows is also part of the Steam Next Fest that is happening as we speak. That means that Mac or Windows users who are curious to check it out early can do so by way of a free demo on Steam. The full game will be coming to iOS and Android in addition to desktop, naturally, and while there’s no specific release date set just yet Isle of Arrows is shooting for release this summer, so look for it sometime in the next few months and be sure to check out the demo on desktop in the meantime.