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‘Isle of Arrows’ is a Clever Spin on Tower Defense from the Creative Director of ‘Hitman GO’ and ‘Lara Croft GO’

Daniel Lutz might be most well-known as the Creative Director on the phenomenal Hitman GO and Lara Croft GO during his time at Square Enix Montreal, but what many people may not know is that Lutz has been making games for much longer than that as an independent developer under the moniker Nonverbal. Games like the perspective puzzler Monospace in 2009, the connect-the-dots logic puzzler Colorblind in 2010, and the tile-flipping matching game Folt in 2014. Well Mr. Lutz is back at it once again as a solo indie developer, this time going under the name Gridpop, and he has a new game in the works called Isle of Arrows that is looking pretty fantastic indeed. Similar to the GO games, Isle of Arrows blends a well-worn gameplay genre with elements of tabletop board gaming. In this case it’s tower defense that is played via randomly drawn tiles which you’ll place down on an ever-increasing board. Check out the trailer.

Like all of Lutz’s previous games, both independent and as part of larger development companies, there is an air of sophistication to Isle of Arrows in terms of visuals, UI, and even the gameplay concept itself. There are more than 50 different tiles in the game, comprised of Towers which attack invaders, Roads that create the path the invaders will travel, Flags which extend the buildable area of the isle, Gardens which reward you with coins, Taverns which can provide boosts to your towers, and more. There will be 3 themed campaigns to play through each with their own unique set of tiles, as well as a Gauntlet Mode and Daily Defense mode. Then there’s even more like bonus cards, special events, game modifiers, and more that will ensure Isle of Arrows will be chock full of variety and things to do. You can currently Wishlist the PC version on Steam and Isle of Arrows will also be coming to iOS and Android devices this summer.