Major ‘Pokemon Home’ 2.0.0 Update Out Now Bringing In Compatibility With ‘Pokemon Legends: Arcues’ and ‘Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl’

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A major update for Pokemon Home (Free) for iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch has just gone live in the form of Pokemon Home 2.0.0. The Pokemon Company recently revealed that this update was coming soon, and it has finally gone live bringing some welcome compatibility updates and new content. The highlights are compatibility support for the excellent Pokemon Legends: Arceus and also Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. The update also brings in challenges, stickers, Pokedex info from other games, more information about where a Pokemon was first met being added to its details screen, and also various issues fixed. Until now, Pokemon Home only supported the National Pokedex. Now it does a lot more with compatibility added for new games, new bonuses, and more. Check out the chart below to see how compatibility works back and forth between new and old games.

Because of the setting for Pokemon Legends: Arceus the way Poke Balls work will be a bit different. The official website has more details on what you need to keep in mind when moving across games. Check out the article on this here. Make sure to check out the bonuses available to celebrate this update as well as detailed in the article above. If you’ve not downloaded it yet, Pokemon Home is available for free on the App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android, and the eShop for Nintendo Switch. Details for the paid plans are available here. Check out the official Pokemon Home website here. What do you think of Pokemon Legends: Arceus if you played it on Switch recently?

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