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‘Phonopolis’ Is a New Adventure From Amanita Design in Development for Multiple Platforms

While we are still waiting for Happy Game from Amanita Design to hit mobile, the studio has announced a new title. Happy Game is still planned to hit mobile. Phonopolis is a new hand-crafted adventure game from Amanita Design in development for multiple platforms. The story will tackle real-world themes and relatable topics dealing with manipulation, individualism, and more. Amanita Design also says the experience will be light-hearted. You will play as Felix who is the only person who recognizes the threat of being under control by the city’s authoritarian Leader. Once under control, people lose their humanity. Barring the trailer, there are some screenshots on the Steam page which you can check out here. Watch the Phonopolis trailer below:

Phonopolis is in development for multiple platforms right now. Mobile isn’t confirmed, but I assume it will show up eventually on mobile if not at launch. I’m a huge fan of Amanita Design games so I’ll be playing this wherever it releases first. There is no release window yet, and Amanita Design mentions that fans should not expect it to arrive with the next 12 months. As an early look, Phonopolis looks superb. I didn’t expect less from Amanita Design, but the studio continues to impress with visuals after all these years. I hope we get more details on platforms and a potential release window soon. Until then, I’m looking forward to playing Happy Game whenever it hits iOS. I’ve already gotten it on PC. What do you think of Phonopolis so far?