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Psychedelic Horror Experience ‘Happy Game’ from Amanita Design Is Coming to PC and Nintendo Switch in Spring 2021 and to iOS “at Some Point”

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Over the years, Amanita Games have been all hitting iOS in superb conversions. While most games have been standalone purchases, Apple Arcade has also seen two Amanita Design releases in the form of Pilgrims and Creaks on Apple Arcade. Amanita Design’s most recent release is Samorost 2 that arrived on mobile in time for its anniversary. Last night, Nintendo’s Indie World showcase revealed Happy Game by Amanita Design. Happy Game is a psychedelic horror experience that was revealed for Nintendo Switch and confirmed for PC platforms soon after. While a mobile release wasn’t announced, Amanita Design confirmed in a tweet to Appunwrapper that an iOS version of Happy Game will arrive “at some point". Watch the Happy Game trailer below:

Happy Game looks excellent as expected from Amanita Design. Hopefully we get to know if th iOS version is standalone or an Apple Arcade release closer to release. Having a Nintendo Switch version also means a physical release is likely which is always a bonus. Grindstone just hit Switch well after debuting through Apple Arcade and it is getting a physical release. Until we get news about Happy Game on mobile platforms, check out the official website here. You can also wishlist it on Steam here. If you’d like to check out Samorost 2 on mobile, you can buy it on the App Store for iOS here and on Google Play for Android here. It is priced at $2.99 on both platforms. Regardless of when Happy Game does hit iOS, I’m excited for a new Amanita Design release and will play it on whatever it releases on first. What is your favourite Amanita Design release and what did you think of the Indie World presentation if you watched it?

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