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‘Echoes of Mana’ Release Date Confirmed for iOS and Android, New Animation Trailer Revealed

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Echoes of Mana (Free) pre-orders and pre-registrations went live for iOS and Android last month with an April 30th release date listed on the App Store. That was a placeholder date, but the actual release date is very close. Today, Square Enix announced that the free to play Mana game is set for releasing next week in multiple regions worldwide. Echoes of Mana includes characters from prior games with players getting the option to play as Kilt (male) or Kilte (female) as the protagonist with worlds from older Mana games and original ones built specifically for this new entry. Alongside the release date announcement, a new animation trailer has been released for Echoes of Mana. This has arrived a few weeks after a pre-registration trailer was released featuring new gameplay. Watch the animation trailer below:

Echoes of Mana releases on April 27th and it has crossed 750k pre-registrations with many bonuses being given to players who pre-register or pre-order. Check out the rewards unlocked here. If you’d like to check it out, you can pre-order Echoes of Mana on the App Store for iOS here and Google Play for Android here. It is free to play with in app purchases of various spirit crystal packs available going by the App Store listing. If you’d prefer a premium experience, you can play Adventures of Mana (remake) and Secret of Mana, and the recently released Trials of Mana remake on iOS and Android. The store page also mentions the various voice actors involved with this new Mana game. Check it out here. Have you played the recent Mana releases on iOS or Android and will you be trying out Echoes of Mana when it launches next week?


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