‘Mr Traffic’ From ‘Dashy Crashy’ Developer Dumpling Design Is Out Now on iOS for Free Letting You Be a Conductor Managing Traffic

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Mr Traffic (Free) is the newest game from Dashy Crashy (Free) developer Dumpling Design and it rolled out over the weekend on iOS and is seemingly coming to Android soon as well. Given Dumpling Design being the developer, I knew it would feel like a great game to dip into for a minute or less play sessions. Mr Traffic is exactly that with a lot of charm and a loop that makes me want to play it every few minutes. You play as a conductor who is handling traffic and tap on cars to ensure there aren’t any accidents. There are some nice surprise vehicles or even random things like chickens that just end up on the road. Barring dealing with the cars and other things crossing the road, you collect coins to unlock various cosmetics. The App Store mentions thousands of combinations for fashion, and I really wonder what else it has to offer since I unlocked some very “out there" cosmetics in the time I’ve played so far. Watch the Mr Traffic trailer below:

Mr Traffic is free to play with many in app purchases like fashion items, costumes, and more. You can also watch videos in-game to retry when you get a game over if you want. I avoid doing these things, but it is worth mentioning that they are present here if you are bothered by those things. You can grab Mr Traffic on the App Store for iOS here. It is coming to Android soon as well. Head over to our new forum thread for Mr Traffic here for early impressions from people playing it. I liked the motion controlled subtle camera angle changes on iPhone. It is going to be interesting to see if Mr Traffic gets collaborations and special events like prior Dumpling Design games. Have you played Dashy Crashy from Dumpling Design?

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