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‘Arknights: Endfield’ Is a New 3D Real-Time RPG With Strategic Elements for Mobile and PC

Arknights developer Hypergryph just announced (via Gematsu) Arknights: Endfield for mobile and PC platforms. Arknights: Endfield is a 3D real-time RPG with strategic elements set in the world of Arknights. It has its own stories, characters, and more set on the planet Talos-II. You will be exploring this planet with the help of Endfield Industries operators. Arknights: Endfield will feature missions to unlock story chapters and progress to take on more battles featuring real-time combat with tactical elements. It is currently in early development at Hypergryph with many elements yet to be finalized including the art and gameplay. Watch the Arknights: Endfield gameplay demo trailer below:

Until we learn more about Arknights: Endfield, you can head over to the official website here to sign up for more information. The developers also released a new CG trailer for the game which you can watch here. While I haven’t played much Arknights recently, I will be checking out Arknights: Endfield when it does release because I enjoy this style of gameplay more than the main game. As of now, there is no release date or window for Arknights: Endfield. Hopefully get more details soon. Hypergryph is also developing the premium game Ex Astris. Details for that are here. Have you played Arknights recently and what do you think of Arknights: Endfield so far?