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‘Ex Astris’ Is a Premium Turn-Based RPG in Development for Mobile by ‘Arknights’ Developer Hypergryph

Arknights developer Hypergryph just announced Ex Astris for mobile platforms. Ex Astris is a premium 3D turn-based RPG set on a tidally locked planet. You play as a protagonist from earth investigating the planet while befriending travellers and more. The developers mention a road trip feel for the story and the narrative is split up into different chapters focusing on different events. Right now, it is still in the prototyping phase as revealed by the FAQ so things will change closer to release. As of now, it is planned for both iOS and Android as well. To coincide with the announcement, Hypergryph released a pre-alpha gameplay video for Ex Astris. Watch that below:

Even for pre-alpha gameplay, Ex Astris looks really good so far. I like the interface as well. I’m pretty surprised and glad that this is a premium release. As of now, there is no release window but I’m going to keep an eye on this for sure. Despite not really playing much of Arknights, whatever I have played has been good. If you’d like to keep tabs on the progress Ex Astris is making, you can check out the official website here and official English Twitter account here. With many mobile games also seeing PC releases, as of now Ex Astris is yet to be announced for PC. What do you think of the gameplay shown above and do you play Arknights?