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‘Total War: Medieval II’ Coming to iOS and Android This Spring

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After a bit of teasing, Feral Interactive just announced that it is bringing Total War: Medieval II to iOS and Android. This will be the developer’s first release since the brilliant Alien Isolation. Check out my review of the iOS version here. Total War: Medieval II follows Rome: Total War ($9.99) and its expansions hitting iOS and eventually Android. Another Creative Assembly classic is now coming to mobile with a slew of refinements, touch controls, and more. Total War: Medieval II debuted on PC platforms back in 2006 and is the fourth main Total War game. I haven’t played it on PC yet, but I’ve heard a lot of praise from friends who are fans of the series. Watch the Total War: Medieval II iOS and Android trailer below:

The release announcement implies both iOS and Android will arrive at the same time. I’m glad to see Feral Interactive finally manage to do both iOS and Android releases together as has been the case for a bit now. Previously, Android users had to wait a while for ports to arrive. It is worth noting that Total War: Medieval II also received a Kingdoms expansion back in 2007. It is likely this will be released as an in app purchase later on. For now, Total War: Medieval II will be on iOS and Android in spring as a premium release. I’m just downloading it on Steam right now to play what I can before sampling the iOS release when it does arrive. Check out the game on Steam here. Have you played Total War: Medieval II yet and what would you like to see Feral Interactive do next on mobile?

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