‘Monster Hunter Stories’ From Capcom Is Down to $4.99 From $19.99 Once Again

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This year has been amazing for Monster Hunter fans with the amazing Monster Hunter Stories 2 and the great Monster Hunter Rise releasing worldwide. While the former also hit PC, the latter will only be on PC next month. Alongside those new games, the original Monster Hunter Stories ($4.99) from Capcom hit Apple Arcade as an App Store Great this year as well. Monster Hunter Stories brought its turn based combat and gorgeous visuals to iOS and Android following the Nintendo 3DS version a few years ago. While it is available on Apple Arcade, Capcom has discounted Monster Hunter Stories on both iOS and Android for a limited time to celebrate the holidays. If you’ve not played it yet, the iOS and Android versions run at a much higher resolution than the 3DS original and are a joy to play with smooth performance even on older iOS devices. Watch the trailer for it below:

This discount (like the one from earlier this year) brings the price down to $4.99 down from $19.99. The discount is available until January 5th, 2022. Read Shaun’s Monster Hunter Stories review here. We also featured it as our Game of the Week when it launched. If you aren’t sure if it is something you will enjoy, give the demo a shot and decide whether you want to buy it while the discount is still on. The demo is available as MHST The Adventure Begins . The full game is available for $4.99 on the App Store here and Google Play here. I loved Monster Hunter Stories 2 and hope it eventually can come to mobile in the future. Given it is still selling well at $59.99, I don’t see that happening soon. The original is still worth it and the low price right now makes it definitely worth considering even if you aren’t a fan of the main series. Have you played Monster Hunter Stories or Monster Hunter Stories 2 yet?

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