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Gorgeous Pixel Art Adventure ‘Unreal Life’ Is Coming to iOS and Android next Year

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Pixel art adventure game Unreal Life ($6.99) from hako life and room6 is a game I’ve heard a lot about from friends who played it on PC and Nintendo Switch. Shaun covered it a bit from TGS 2018. Read about his early thoughts on the game here. The publisher has now announced that it is coming to iOS and Android in the near future. Unreal Life has you playing as a girl who has lost her memories but only remembers one name: “Miss Sakura". You try and find Miss Sakura with the help of a traffic light and have the ability to read the memories of objects you touch. Unreal Life has always looked excellent and it will be making its way to iOS and Android as a premium release featuring four different endings with your choices leading to different outcomes. Watch the Unreal Life English trailer below:

Unreal Life is listed for February 28, 2022 on the App Store. An official release date has not been announced so this should be treated as a placeholder for now. Unreal Life is available for $22.99 on Nintendo Switch and $19.99 on Steam. The iOS version is priced at $6.99. If you’d like to check it out, you can pre-order Unreal Life on the App Store for iOS here and pre-register for it on Google Play for Android here. Whenever I’ve seen my friends discuss Unreal Life, I consistently saw “great pixel art" and “amazing music" mentioned so I know I should play it soon. Hopefully we get a confirmed release date soon. Check out the official English website for Unreal Life here. Have you played Unreal Life on Nintendo Switch or PC yet and what do you think of the trailer?


    Unreal Life, the popular indie game with such accolades as the "New Faces Award" from the Japan Media Arts Festival, is …
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