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‘Star Wars: Hunters’ Gets a New Gameplay Trailer, iOS Soft Launch Hitting Early Next Year

Announced during a Nintendo Direct way back in February, Zynga’s Star Wars: Hunters is an upcoming 4v4 arena battler that is heading to iOS and Android in addition to Nintendo Switch, and will feature cross-play between all three platforms. We didn’t hear much about Star Wars: Hunters following that initial announcement, but in September a new cinematic trailer was released that introduced a bit of the lore and characters that will be featured in the game. The premise is that the game takes place after the fall of the Galactic Empire and it’s sort of a reality game show where players compete in a bunch of arenas based off of famous locations in the Star Wars universe. Kind of an Overwatch meets Smash TV situation, I guess you could say? Anyway, it sounded really cool, but today Zynga has released a new trailer showing off the gameplay in Star Wars: Hunters and now I can say for certain it looks really cool too.

Not only does the trailer give you a glimpse of the game in action, but it also briefly introduces the cast of characters you’ll be able to choose from in Star Wars: Hunters. I haven’t personally been into the whole hero shooter craze of the past several years, but I do like that each of these characters have such a distinct personality and back story rather than just generic Stormtrooper, generic Jedi, generic Wookie, etc. You can learn even more about these characters and the arenas showcased in the trailer over on the game’s official website, and while you’re there you can plunk down your email address to pre-register and contribute towards unlocking some rewards for when the game launches. As for when that is, currently Star Wars: Hunters is slated for sometime in 2022 but it is currently soft-launched on Android in India, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia and will be enterting soft launch on iOS devices early next year.