Scoot or Die, Dude – ‘Touchgrind Scooter’ Hits Android Next Week, Pre-Registration Open Now

Just about one year ago developer Illusion Labs announced Touchgrind Scooter, a new entry in their popular Touchgrind series that had already featured skateboarding and BMX biking. This new game would follow a similar formula featuring large levels filled with objects to trick off of, only this time you’d be on a scooter. I guess you could say it was kind of a hybrid between Touchgrind Skate and Touchgrind BMX, since scooters are essentially a hybrid of those two vehicles. Fast forward to June of this year and Touchgrind Scooter launched in the iOS App Store, with an Android launch planned for down the road. Well Android-toting scooter lovers, your time is finally coming as Illusion Labs has announced a December 8th release date for Touchgrind Scooter on Android.

As you can see in that trailer, Touchgrind Scooter has more of an outrageous vibe than the previous Skate and BMX games. This is a loud game, with bright colors and really incredulous course designs. It also features multiple types of scooters that can all be tricked out with special gear and customizations. The Android version is currently available for pre-registration on Google Play. You know, I have a very special fondness for the Touchgrind series as I explained in detail during the original Touchgrind Scooter announcement last December. The original Touchgrind was a big reason I got an iOS device in the first place, and eventually that led to me working here at TouchArcade, which I’ve now been doing for almost 12 years. I’m happy to see this series continue on and I’m also happy Android players will get to experience Touchgrind Scooter when it hits Google Play next week.