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Musical 2D Platformer ‘One Hand Clapping’ Heads to iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and More on December 14th

Bad Dream Games’ One Hand Clapping was originally a project demo at the University of Southern California and it has evolved into a full game that blends music with 2D platforming. It was previously revealed for PC and consoles and it is also now coming to both iOS and Android when it releases worldwide next month through Handy Games. One Hand Clapping aims to be uplifting and accessible with its interactions, puzzles, and more with you singing, whistling, humming, or using an instrument. It is currently available on Steam through Early Access and it will launch on consoles, mobile, and leave early access next month. Watch the One Hand Clapping gameplay showcase below:

I’ve followed Handy Games for a while now and it was interesting seeing every bit of information for One Hand Clapping revealed through the developer’s social channels. With today’s release date announcements, the game was also confirmed for both iOS and Android. One Hand Clapping releases on December 14th worldwide for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms as well. A price point has not been announced for mobile yet. I’m curious to see how the microphone mechanics work on Nintendo Switch. If you’d like to see more of One Hand Clapping, check out the Steam Early Access page here for more screenshots. Check out the official website here. What do you think of the gameplay trailer for One Hand Clapping?