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Puzzle Platformer ‘Where’s Samantha?’ Heading to iOS and Android Following Releases on PC and Switch

This past spring developer Respect Studios in partnership with publisher ROKiT Games Limited launched their new puzzle platformer Where’s Samantha? on Steam. The game follows George and Samantha, a pair of fabric swatches who are madly in love, until one day when a breeze up and blows Samantha away. That is probably the number one fear of little scraps of cloth. George of course sets out on a journey to rescue his beloved Samantha that involves traversing 45 levels of puzzle platforming through a world of textiles and hazards. George can mimic various colors and forms, and has a handful of other tricks up his sleeve, in order to solve any situation that tries to prevent him from finding Samantha. The world is entirely hand-drawn and whimsical, and the entire tale is narrated by real-deal actor/comedian/presenter/all-around-professional Rufus Hound. Catch a glimpse of that excellent narration as well as the gameplay in Where’s Samantha? in the following trailer for a forthcoming mobile version.

If you caught some Thomas Was Alone vibes from that trailer, yeah, I’m quite certain that was a major influence on Where’s Samantha? and their amusing Nintendo Switch trailer from when the game launched on that platform this past August alludes to that as well. Now with PC and Switch under its belt Where’s Samantha? will be arriving on iOS and Android devices in a “few weeks" according to the developer’s post in our forums. The mobile version will launch as a try-before-you-buy model offering the first few levels for free so you can see if it’s your cup of tea and then offering the full game unlock for a one-time $3.99 in-app purchase. Seems like a no-brainer to at least give this one a shot for free when it arrives on mobile so once a more concrete release date for Where’s Samantha? on iOS and Android is revealed we’ll be sure to let you know.