‘Final Fantasy 9’ on iOS Finally Updated and Working Again

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At some point in the last year or so, Square Enix’s excellent iOS port of the excellent Final Fantasy 9 stopped working. Unfortunately this is something of a running theme with Square Enix games on mobile, but at the very least the company does make an effort to fix their games when they break, even if it takes a LONG time. Or they’ll be upfront about dropping support for the game entirely if they don’t plan on fixing it. Which… isn’t great, but at least it’s honest, I guess? Well anyway, despite being broken for a long time, it wasn’t until just last month that Square Enix acknowledged that Final Fantasy 9 wasn’t currently working on iOS, and they actually pulled the game from the App Store and confirmed that they’d be working on a fix.

Well if you’ve been wondering what the status of that fix is, wonder no more: Final Fantasy 9 on iOS has been updated over the weekend and is finally playable again. The support page that previously stated they were working on a fix has been updated to reflect that the fix is now out and the game is once again available on the App Store. They also apologize for the game being broken for so long. At least it wasn’t a The World Ends With You situation where Square Enix flip-flopped multiple times on whether they’d be fixing that version when it broke on iOS 8, then agreed to fix it only to have it break almost immediately when iOS 9 was released. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again here as Final Fantasy 9 on iOS is one of the best versions of the game, as we’ve noted in our review from several years ago. It’s an easy recommendation, with the caveat of course that it might break again someday and not be fixed.


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