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‘Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier’ Releases Next Month, Controller Support Confirmed with Pre-Registrations Soon

At TGS 2021, Square Enix revealed a release window for Echoes of Mana and then had a new gameplay trailer for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier. Following that, the publisher had a detailed look at Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier over the weekend revealing that it is releasing next month (November 2021). Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is also confirmed to include a training mode, controller support, a revamped tutorial, collection to exchange pieces from monsters for items, a new style, and more. The new Ninja style is focused on mobility with a shuriken for melee combat. I know many including myself were wondering about controller support, so it is good to have that confirmed. Watch the new TGS 2021 trailer below:

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier is set to release next month on iOS and Android. Pre-registrations will go live this month. For the other new features mentioned, training mode lets you access a special map to experiment with weapons, materia, and styles. The revamped tutorial has been split up into one part for basic controls and the other covering battles and gameplay flow. I’m curious to see how Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier runs on modern devices and how it feels both with and without a controller. We will be covering when pre-registrations and pre-orders begin. Until then, what do you think of the new trailer and features revealed for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier?