The Excellent ‘Night in the Woods’ Is Finally Out Now on iOS as a Premium Release after Originally Being Announced for Mobile a Few Years Ago

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Back in 2017, the superb exploration-driven adventure game Night in the Woods ($5.99) was announced for mobile. I had honestly forgotten it was even announced for mobile but it has just released on the App Store for iOS as a premium release as spotted by AppUnwrapper on Twitter. Despite owning it on PS4 and Steam before, I finally finished Night in the Woods on Nintendo Switch. The Switch port was very good but it had a few technical issues. I loved my time in the world of Night in the Woods with its well-written characters and the overall vibe. If you’ve not played it or seen anything about Night in the Woods, watch the trailer below:

As of now, Night in the Woods is out now on iOS only as a premium release for $5.99. As usual, the mobile price is a lot lower than the PC and console price. Night in the Woods is listed for $19.99 on Nintendo Switch on the eShop right now. If you’d like to get it on iOS, you can buy Night in the Woods here on the App Store. As of this writing, there is no news on an Android version. If an Android release pops up today, I’ll update this story. If you are planning on picking up and experiencing Night in the Woods on iOS, head over to our forum thread here to discuss the port and the game. For now, I’m ready to head back to Possum Springs to experience it all again. Have you played Night in the Woods before or will you be jumping into it for the first time on iOS?

[Via AppUnwrapper]

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