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‘Night in the Woods’ Coming to Mobile in 2018, and We Can’t Wait!

When the adventure game Night in the Woods first released on Steam, it caught everyone by surprise because of how real the characters and their stories felt and how emotionally powerful it was. And, according to a tweet today, we’ll get to experience Nights in the Woods on mobile in 2018, which I’m very excited about. What exactly is Night in the Woods? Well, to a degree it depends who you ask because different people seem to enjoy different aspects of it. Primarily it’s an adventure game focused on exploration, story, and characters (dozens of them). The characters are all anthropomorphic animals (you play as a cool cat, literally) who live in a crumbling former mining town of Possum Springs.

The game tells the story of a college dropout, Mae Borowski, who comes back to Possum Springs to reconnect with her old friends. But things and people aren’t how they were; everything has changed around her and, even worse, there seems to be something in the woods. Steam users are besotted with the game, especially with the way it represents inter-personal relationships and important social issues. I don’t want to say any more so I don’t lessen the impact, but Night in the Woods is definitely a game you should play once it lands on mobile in 2018.