‘Jetpack Joyride+’ Is Out Now on Apple Arcade alongside Big Updates to ‘The Otherside’, ‘Marble It Up: Mayhem!’, and More

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It feels like things are getting busier each week with Apple Arcade thanks to the addition of classics and App Store Greats in addition to new Apple Arcade games and major updates to existing games on the service. Today, the classic Jetpack Joyride joins Apple Arcade as Jetpack Joyride+ (). In terms of features, the official Twitter account for Jetpack Joyride mentions that this release will make you feel like you’re playing the original game back in 2012. It is unclear whether any new content is planned in future updates but as of now, you can enjoy a Jetpack Joyride without any ads and microtransactions on iPhone and iPad. Check it out here on Apple Arcade.

Barring the new release, this week has seen some big updates. We’ve already covered the updates for Skate City here and Mini Motorways here. Following those two updates, Marble It Up: Mayhem has gotten the Dedicated Update. This update brings in a new soccer mode in 7 arenas, new cosmetics, dedicated multiplayer servers for a much better online experience, 2 new standard multiplayer maps, and changes to two existing maps. The Label’s The_Otherside gets a new character in the form of ENOS, a new nursery garden location, UI improvements, and more today.

Head over to our new forum threads for Jetpack Joyride+ here, The_Otherside here, and Marble It Up: Mayhem here. Here’s our dedicated Apple Arcade forum for discussion around every game in the service. What do you think of the new additions to the service in recent months?

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