‘Disgaea 1 Complete’ for iOS and Android Is Half Off for a Limited Time to Celebrate the Series Crossing 5 Million Sales Worldwide

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Back in January last year, Disgaea 1 Complete ($32.99) from NIS and NIS America got a surprise release on iOS and Android. Disgaea 1 Complete was originally a remake of the first mainline entry in the excellent SRPG series for PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It had a lot of new features and enhanced visuals on those platforms. Disgaea 1 Complete on iOS and Android is an enhanced port of the PS4 and Nintendo Switch version with new mobile-exclusive features. Read my review of the iOS version here where I tested it on a few iOS devices. Today, NIS in Japan announced that the Disgaea series has has sold over 5 million worldwide across all platforms and every release. Watch the trailer for the mobile version of Disgaea 1 Complete below:

To celebrate this sales milestone, many games are discounted on all platforms in Japan but Disgaea 1 Complete on iOS and Android is about 51% off worldwide right now. Disgaea 1 Complete on iOS is down to $15.99 on iOS and $17.99 on Android. The original price is about $32.99 depending on your region and platform. The Disgaea 1 Complete iOS and Android discount is available from now until July 28th. If you’re interested in picking it up while it is discounted, Disgaea 1 Complete is available on the App Store here and Google Play here. It is worth noting that this released on PS4 and Nintendo Switch for $49.99 and it is still that price digitally on those platforms. Have you played Disgaea 1 before on any system?

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