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Cute Action Puzzler ‘Rabisco’ Makes Its Way from Steam to iOS this Week Courtesy of Crescent Moon

Back in 2019 two-person Brazilian developer Viridino Studios launched action puzzler Rabisco on PC, and just this past May they partnered up with Ratalaika Games to bring a version of the game out for Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. Now they are teaming up with Crescent Moon Games to bring Rabisco to iOS devices later this week. Don’t let the extremely cute and colorful exterior of Rabisco fool you, as this is one of those games that wears its hardcore difficulty proudly on its sleeve. You’ll need to guide Ms. Rabisco through 100 levels of treacherous traps, deadly enemies, and plenty of different gameplay mechanics. Check out the launch trailer for the PC version of Rabisco.

Speaking about the Switch version, our own Shaun Musgrave quite enjoyed Rabisco in the SwitchArcade Round-Up, officially crowning it a “nice five-dollar game." And if it’s nice for a fiver, then it should be especially nice at just two bucks which is what the forthcoming iOS version is going for currently while available for pre-order in the App Store. Shaun also notes that despite having 100 levels this isn’t a terribly long game overall, which is pretty OK for the prices it sells for, but also know it includes a special Speed Run mode for those who want to squeeze a bit more out of the experience (and for those who are especially masochistic completionists). Look for Rabisco to hit iOS in just a couple days on Wednesday, July 14th.